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Please join us via your computer for an LL.M. Webinar in January.

LL.M. Admission Strategies – January 10, 2013, 9:00-9:45AM EST
This workshop explores the law school LL.M. admissions process: getting in and choosing the school that is right for you. If you are beginning to work on your admission application or are considering applying to law school for your LL.M. in the future, this is the program for you. Because the workshop focuses on the nuts and bolts of preparing an effective admission application, it is not designed for candidates who have already submitted an application for the next entering class.

The program covers:

  • How the admission process works;
  • How to prepare your application;
  • What admission committees evaluate;
  • Application strategies;
  • The importance of letters of recommendation;
  • How to approach the personal essay;
  • Dealing with potential weaknesses;
  • Avoiding admission mistakes; and
  • When to apply.

There will be time allocated for questions at the end.

RSVP for this program. Please make sure to include your first name, last name, and your location

Did You Know?

BLS was Ranked the No. 1 Law School for “Best General LL.M.” by the New York Law Journal (Sept. 2014).

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