Philanthropic Organizations Workshop

Credits: 3.00

is course provides a comprehensive introduction to the state (with emphasis on New York) and federal (with emphasis on the Internal Revenue Code) laws affecting charitable trusts and nonprofit corporations, including current developments, cases, legislative proposals, and public policy debates. The course will begin with brief comments about philanthropy and fundraising in the United States, including their philosophical underpinnings and historical background, and will then provide an overview of state laws affecting charitable corporations and trusts and charitable fundraising from formation, through merger, consolidation and asset sales, to dissolution. The course will then cover federal laws regulating tax-exempt organizations. The course will address fiduciary governance, the responsibility of nonprofit organizations to protect their donors' intent, and the importance of charity accountability to donors, government regulators, and the public. It will deal with the standing of donors or others to enforce gift restrictions or remedy wrongdoing. The course will not cover tax-exempt bond financing.