Restaurant and Food Industry Law Workshop

Credits: 2.00

This course offers a legal and entrepreneurial study of major topics in the restaurant and food business. Every second week an accomplished professional from the food services business will present a highly interactive discussion on the following topics: starting a food business, commercial lease negotiations, getting your product - vendors, distribution and the FDA, employment & wage & hour laws, franchising & multi-unit considerations, NYC licensing, health department and other agencies, creating and protecting your brand.

During the courses when guest speakers are not present we will divide into small groups and collaborate on practical exercises based on the prior week's topic. Students will be encouraged to meet outside of class as well. A member of each group will present a 10 minute consultation in the second half of class; we will rotate students so that each will have presented.

Grading and Method of Evaluation

Letter grade with pass/fail option. students graded on the following criteria: class participation and attendance, in class presentations, and in class written assignments. Each will count as one third of the final grade.