Fundamentals of Law Practice 2: Advocacy

Credits: 2.00
Faculty: Aaron Warshaw, Amy Vanderwal, Cameron W. Arnold, Carrie Teitcher, Jayne Ressler, Joy Kanwar, Julia Winters, Kate Brooker, Lynnise Pantin, Margo Brodie, Marilyn Walter, Matthew Keller, Mary Falk, Suzanne Offerman, Timothy Driscoll, Victoria Siesta

In the spring semester, students learn the art of advocacy. Students build on the skills they learned in the fall semester by researching a complex and emerging area of law, developing and organizing persuasive arguments, and drafting a brief to the court. Continuing a pioneering tradition at Brooklyn Law School, international law topics, as well as topics based on U.S. law, are included in the persuasive writing curriculum.

Through this experience, students are exposed to the ethical obligations of an attorney representing a client in a litigation context. In two additional highlights of the semester, students present their oral arguments to a panel of three judges and put their persuasive skills to the test in a negotiation exercise.

Grading and Method of Evaluation

Letter grade only. Students are graded on written and oral assignments.