Our Academic Program

Every year, Brooklyn Law School students engage in the extremely important process of selecting their courses and planning their upperclass programs for the following academic year. Students have an enormous amount of autonomy to structure their upperclass years here. In addition, there are over 240 courses from which to choose. The Law School provides a great many tools to help students make informed choices about the kinds of classes, clinics, seminars, lawyering skills courses, and other academic offerings they wish to take during those years.

Each Spring we hold faculty panel discussions to provide students an opportunity for guidance on course selection from faculty members and officials from the deans’ and registrar’s offices. Faculty members make themselves available to counsel students on an individual and ad hoc basis.

After completing the first year legal writing course, every student at Brooklyn Law School must successfully complete, prior to graduation, an upperclass writing requirement consisting of significant supervised research and writing. The goals of the upperclass writing requirement are to provide each student with: 1) a significant research experience; 2) an opportunity for in-depth study and analysis (involving sustained reflection) of a particular area of the law; 3) an opportunity to articulate his or her own ideas and evaluation of the law; and 4) a faculty supervised writing experience involving at least one re-write of a substantial piece of the student’s writing. All four of these goals must be met for a project or projects to satisfy the upperclass writing requirement.

In addition to the 2 credit course Professional Responsibility, students may satisfy the requirement by taking the 3 credit Legal Profession course or the 3 credit Professional Responsibility in Different Practice Areas course.

This course analyzes the duties and responsibilities of the legal profession, including its history, goals and structure.  A detailed analysis and discussion of the Code of Professional Responsibility are undertaken.