Brooklyn Legal Theory Colloquium

Professor Nelson Tebbe

Wednesdays, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Brooklyn Law School, Subotnick Center, 11th Floor

This colloquium aims to put students and faculty in conversation with the best current work in legal theory. Subjects for 2012 will include cultural cognition, new governance, linguistic approaches to constitutional theory, the new originalism, and moral understandings of contract theory. Every other week, authors will present their own current work, with students and faculty engaging them in dialogue. On alternate weeks, students will prepare to discuss the papers, in part by writing and sharing reaction papers.

Spring 2012 Schedule of Presenters

January 25 - Nick Rosenkranz, Georgetown Law, presented The Subjects of the Constitution and The Objects of the Constitution

February 8 - Jamal Greene, Columbia Law School, presented Fourteenth Amendment Originalism and The Case for Original Intent

February 22 - Jack Balkin, Yale Law School, presented Living Originalism

March 14 - Jason Solomon, William & Mary Law School presents The Supreme Court’s Theory of Private Law

March 28 - William Araiza, Brooklyn Law School presents Reinventing Regulation/Reinventing Accountability: Judicial Rreview In New Governance Regimes

April 11 - Aditi Bagchi, Penn Law School presents Parallel Contract

April 25 - Dan Kahan, Yale Law School presents Fixing the Communications FailureThe Cognitively Illiberal State and Foreword: Neutral Principles, Motivated Cognition, and Some Problems for Constitutional Law

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