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  • 04.14.14 Professor Roberta Karmel Comments on New Cybersecurity Disclosures in Compliance Week
    photo of a professor

    Compliance Week featured Professor Roberta Karmel in its coverage of a recent Securities and Exchange Commission roundtable on cybersecurity. The daylong event gathered a cross-section of executives, advisers, and regulators to consider the pros and cons of greater cyber-security disclosure.   read more

  • 04.10.14 Professor David Reiss Sought After By Media for Real Estate/Consumer Finance Law Expertise
    David Reiss
    Professor David Reiss continues to be highly sought-after for his expertise in real estate, real estate finance law, and consumer financial services law.  read more
  • 04.09.14 Dean Allard Appears on CNBC to Discuss Tuition Reduction

    On today’s “Power Lunch” segment on CNBC, Dean Allard talked about Brooklyn Law School’s decision to reduce tuition by 15 percent, beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year.

      read more

  • 04.03.14 Professor Joel Gora on McCutcheon v. FEC in New York Daily News Op-Ed
    Joel Gora
    In a New York Daily News op-ed today, Professor Joel Gora asserted that the Supreme Court's ruling in McCutcheon v. FEC will only serve to strengthen democracy and free speech.  read more
  • 04.02.14 Brooklyn Law School Announces 15% Tuition Cut, Initiatives to Address Law School Accessibility and Affordability
    Brooklyn Law School
    Brooklyn Law School’s (BLS) Board of Trustees today announced a 15 percent across-the-board tuition reduction, beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year. The cost reduction program further enhances an evolving package of student-centric initiatives designed to address the national challenges of law school accessibility, affordability, and quality.  read more
  • 03.31.14 Professors Miriam Baer and Bennett Capers Featured in Yale Law Journal Symposium on Justice Sotomayor

    Professors Miriam Baer and Bennett Capers are among the select scholars featured in “The Early Jurisprudence of Justice Sotomayor,” a Yale Law Journal Forum symposium published last week.   read more

  • 03.26.14 Professor Nelson Tebbe on Supreme Court Oral Arguments for Birth Control Mandate
    picture of a teacher

    As a guest blogger for Balkinization, Professor Nelson Tebbe wrote about yesterday’s oral arguments in U.S. Supreme Court for Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc.  read more

  • 03.24.14 Scalia at La Scala: BLS Hosts a Memorable Evening with Justice Antonin Scalia
    On Friday, March 21, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn Law School hosted a stimulating conversation with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia moderated by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, a BLS Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law.  read more
  • 03.21.14 IBL Center Hosts Breakfast Roundtable with SEC Director of Enforcement Andrew Ceresney
    IBL Andrew Ceresney

    SEC Director of Enforcement Andrew Ceresney spoke at a recent IBL Breakfast Roundtable on the role of international cooperation and globalization in SEC enforcement.  read more

  • 03.20.14 Professor Joel Gora Speaks on the State of U.S. Democracy in New Video
    Joel Gora

    Professor Joel Gora was a guest panelist at the recent 20th Annual Edward Brodsky Legal Conference, sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League.  Titled “American Democracy in the 21st Century: Voting Rights, Redistricting and Campaign Finance,” the high-profile event drew more than 300 attendees – several BLS alumni among them – for a conversation that touched on Citizens United, gerrymandering, and the Voting Rights Act, among other timely topics.  read more

  • 03.19.14 Students from the Capital Defender and Federal Habeas Clinic Visit United States Supreme Court
    Ursula Supreme Court visit
    Professor Ursula Bentele and her students in the Capital Defender and Federal Habeas Clinic visited Washington this month to hear Supreme Court arguments in Hall v. Florida.  read more
  • 03.18.14 Horace Ng '93 Named Corporate Counsel Award Finalist by San Francisco Business Times
    Horace Ng

    Horace Ng ’93 was named a 2014 Corporate Counsel Award finalist this week, as selected by the San Francisco Business Times. Ng, who placed in the Best IP Lawyer category, is Managing IP Counsel and Director of IP Development at Marvell Semiconductor Inc., a worldwide semiconductor firm.   read more

  • 03.14.14 Colleen Caden ’99 Featured in “Female Powerbrokers Q&A” on Law360
    Colleen Caden

    Colleen L. Caden '99, a partner in the New York office of Pryor Cashman LLP and chair of the firm's Business Immigration Group, was recently featured in Law 360's "Female Powerbrokers Q&A.”  read more

  • 03.10.14 Professor James Fanto Named Gerald Baylin Professor of Law
    James Fanto

    Brooklyn Law School recently named Professor James Fanto the Gerald Baylin Professor of Law. Established in 2010, the professorship honors a distinguished member of the BLS Class of 1953. Gerald Baylin was a World War II veteran, renowned New York City litigator, and dedicated alumnus.

       read more

  • 03.07.14 Professor Susan Herman Comments on Snowden and Surveillance in New Interviews
    Susan Herman

    Professor Susan Herman, president of the ACLU, was interviewed by Pasadena Weekly and The Santa Barbara Independent in advance of her appearances on the West Coast next week. Her talk, titled “Civil Liberties in National Security Era: What Happened to Edward Snowden?,” will explore the balance between safety and maintaining basic rights – a theme drawn in part from her book, Taking Liberties: The War on Terror and the Erosion of American Democracy (2011), recently published in paperback. The new edition features a new foreword and new epilogue.

    “As I will explain, it is far from clear that the mega-surveillance programs and other post-9/11 laws are actually contributing to our safety,” she told Pasadena Weekly.  

    Read more about Professor Herman.   read more

  • 03.05.14 Professor Minor Myers Featured in NY Times Article on Shareholder Activism
    Minor Myers
    Professor Minor Myers was featured today in the New York Times for a draft paper that he is co-authoring with Charles Korsmo, a former visiting associate professor at BLS. The article highlights their findings – taken from a work-in-progress titled Appraisal Arbitrage and the Future of Public Company M&A – on the “skyrocketing” number of appraisal rights actions.  read more
  • 03.03.14 Professor Jonathan Askin Comments on New Frontiers for 3D-Printed Fashion in Mashable Article
    Jonathan Askin

    If 3D-printed bracelets and rings are already well within consumers' budgets, how far behind are items like high heels and tank tops? A new Mashable article explores just that, drawing on Professor Jonathan Askin’s legal expertise to illustrate 3D printing’s ramifications for fashion.   read more

  • 02.25.14 Professor Adam Kolber Featured in Wall Street Journal Article on Medical Child Abuse
    photo of a professor

    In an article in the Wall Street Journal, Professor Adam Kolber commented on the pending case of a Connecticut couple who lost custody of their teenager over allegations of medical child abuse.   read more

  • 02.19.14 Professor David Reiss Comments on Credit Suisse Case in Bloomberg Article
    David Reiss

    Professor David Reiss was quoted extensively in today’s Bloomberg article on Credit Suisse, the current target of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in his pursuit of Wall Street banks for mortgage fraud.  read more

  • 02.13.14 Winter Storm Update as of Thursday, February 13 at 12 noon
    image of flyer

    As of 12 noon, Brooklyn Law School is open. Day and evening classes will take place as scheduled. As with past storms, we will make arrangements for the recording of all classes for students who may have difficulty getting to the Law School.

      read more

  • 02.12.14 Former New York Mayor David Dinkins ’56 Featured as NewsOne's Person of the Day for Black History Month
    David Dinkins
    In celebration of Black History Month, David Dinkins ‘56 was named Person of the Day by NewsOne and Mass Mutual.  read more
  • 02.10.14 New Scholarship Honors Judge and Former Dean I. Leo Glasser
    Judge Glasser luncheon

    To honor the life and career of Brooklyn Law School’s fifth dean, Judge I. Leo Glasser, the Board of Trustees has created The Glasser Scholarship.   read more

  • 02.10.14 Professor William Araiza Elected to American Law Institute
    Bill Araiza

    Professor William Araiza was recently elected to the prestigious American Law Institute (ALI), an independent U.S. organization that produces scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and improve the law. He joins several other BLS faculty members who have earned this distinct professional honor, bestowed upon an elite group of lawyers, judges, and law professors worldwide.  read more

  • 02.07.14 BLS Announces New International Programs and Opportunities
    International Human Rights Fellowship

    Over the last decade, Brooklyn Law School has seen a dramatic expansion of international opportunities. Students can now apply to exciting semester-long exchange programs — in Argentina, China, England, France, Germany, Ireland, and Israel — through partnerships with prestigious law schools worldwide.  read more

  • 02.07.14 BLS Announces New Mandatory Clinic Requirement; Ranks as a ‘Top School for Clinics’
    Reiss Clinic

    Brooklyn Law School has long been known as a trailblazer in providing clinic experience. Recently, BLS faculty took this reputation a step further, mandating that students complete at least one clinic or externship course before graduation.

       read more

  • 02.05.14 Noah Hanft ’76 Named President and CEO of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR)
    Noah Hanft

    Noah Hanft ’76 was today appointed President and CEO of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR), effective May 1, 2014. Earlier in the day, Hanft announced his retirement from MasterCard, where he currently serves as General Counsel and Chief Franchise Officer, overseeing legal and regulatory affairs, public policy, and compliance.  read more

  • 02.04.14 Brooklyn Law School OPEN Wednesday, February 5th.
    image of flyer

    Like New York City public schools, Brooklyn Law School will remain open today, February 5. We will make arrangements to record 9am classes. Please exercise caution when traveling.  read more

  • 02.03.14 Brooklyn Law School will remain open Monday, February 3, 2014
    image of flyer

    Brooklyn Law School will remain open Monday, February 3, 2014. Evening classes will take place as scheduled.

    Please exercise your own judgment regarding travel based on your own particular circumstances.  read more

  • 01.31.14 Professor Neil Cohen to be Presented with Two Prestigious Awards
    Neil Cohen
    The Council of the American Law Institute (ALI) has voted to present Neil B. Cohen, the Jeffrey D. Forchelli Professor of Law, with the John Minor Wisdom Award.  read more
  • 01.28.14 Professor Cynthia Godsoe on Restitution for Prostituted Minors in HuffPo Op-Ed
    photo of a professor

    In a new Huffington Post op-ed, Prof. Cynthia Godsoe sheds light on victims of sexual exploitation – specifically, the 100,000 children sold for sex in the U.S., many of whom are later prosecuted and jailed.  read more

  • 01.28.14 Stan Wilcox ’88, Athletic Director of FSU, Featured in Sports Business Journal
    Stan Wilcox

    Stan Wilcox ’88, the Athletic Director of Florida State University, was recently featured in an article in Sports Business Journal.  read more

  • 01.28.14 BLS Journals Highlight Citizenship, Drones, and Copyright Infringement Issues

    Among the timely topics featured in Brooklyn Law School journals are birthright citizenship and copyright infringement, featured in the spring 2014 issue of the Brooklyn Law Review and the current issue of Practicum, respectively.  read more

  • 01.27.14 Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE) and the 'Tech Mecca' Featured in Business Insider
    CUBE logo

    With technology companies flourishing across Brooklyn, the benefits of this new ecosystem hold incredible potential – reflected in the Law School’s Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE), according to a new Business Insider article.  read more

  • 01.22.14 Three BLS Graduates Receive 2013 Prosecutor of the Year Awards
    Brooklyn Law School facade

    Claire S. Kedeshian ’89 and Carolyn Pokorny '94, both Assistant U.S. Attorneys at the U.S. Attorney's Office, Eastern District of New York, and Steven G. Sanders '95, Assistant U.S. Attorney at the U.S. Attorney's Office, District of New Jersey, were awarded a Federal Law Enforcement Foundation (FELF) "Prosecutor of the Year Award" in November 2013. FLEF’s annual awards ceremony at the Waldorf Astoria recognizes excellence in service during the preceding year.   read more

  • 01.21.14 Storm Update: Law School will be open Wednesday, January 22
    image of flyer

    Brooklyn Law School will be open Wednesday, January 22, 2014. All regularly scheduled classes will take place as well as other scheduled activities.

    Please note that 9AM classes will be recorded for students who may have difficulty getting to the Law School.  read more

  • 01.15.14 Professor Joel Gora Writes in Defense of Super PACs on Election Law Blog
    Joel Gora

    Election Law Blog recently featured an excerpt of a new article by Professor Joel Gora defending Super PACs as a First Amendment right.  read more

  • 01.13.14 Professor Jonathan Askin on Narrowing Gap Between U.S./European Education in National Law Journal Op-Ed
    Jonathan Askin

    In an op-ed for the National Law Journal, Professor Jonathan Askin writes that Europe lags behind the United States in two seemingly unrelated categories: experiential legal education; and, fostering and sustaining new entrepreneurial ventures.   read more

  • 01.13.14 Peter Pottier ’17 Highlighted in Wired for “Cool, Useful” Invention
    Peter Pottier

    Peter Pottier '17, is featured in Wired for his “cute and cool and useful” invention, MyBell. The customizable bell/light for bikes stood out at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), best known as the province of “multi-gazillion dollar booths.”  read more

  • 01.10.14 Brooklyn Law School Announces Expanded Resources for Public Service and Appoints Danielle Sorken as Director
    Danielle Sorken 2

    Brooklyn Law School has long been known for its commitment to developing a strong public interest/public service community among students and its graduates. Dean Nick Allard announced a number of new staffing resources that reinforce this commitment and will enhance the Law School’s strength and reputation in this area.  read more

  • 01.09.14 Professor David Reiss on Mortgage Bonds in Reuters
    David Reiss

    A prominent expert in real estate and finance law, Professor David Reiss recently spoke to Reuters about the Federal Reserve’s newest promise to maintain low interest rates on investments.  read more

  • 01.02.14 Weather Closing: the Law School will be closed Friday, January 3, 2014
    image of flyer

    With the impending winter storm/blizzard that is heading our way and the difficulty that many of our staff who travel a distance to get to the Law School, we will be closed tomorrow, Friday, January 3.

    Please note the following:

    • The library will be closed and will open at the regular scheduled hours on Saturday.  
    • All administrative offices will be closed, but 250 Joralemon St. will be open its usual hours and 1 Boerum Place will be open from 9am until 5pm.

    Please exercise caution when traveling and stay warm and safe.  read more